Mulch Calculator

Calculate the mulch needed to cover your landscape.

Planting Guide

A simple guide for planting trees and shrubs.

Local Home and Garden Sites

 Boone County Arboretum

Just down the road from us…see more than 3000 varieties of trees and shrubs growing in a “living museum.”

 Taking Root

Register your new tree and receive information on this initiative.

 Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

Gardening programs and classes in the Cincinnati area.  Plant sales, kids’ gardening activities, and community gardening projects are also available.

Plant Information Sites

 Index of Plant Scientific Names

Great pictures and useful information on hundreds of varieties of both woody plants and herbaceous perennials.

 Missouri Botanical Garden

Great information on hundreds of plants grown in a climate very similar to our own.

 Kremp Florist Kids Gardening

An excellent resource with several fun, creative ideas on gardening for kids.

 Bailey Nurseries Image Library

A fantastic library of high quality images.

 Ohio State University Plant Facts

Database of hundreds of gardening questions and answers, just type in a keyword. From Ohio State University.

 Ohio State University Buckeye Yard and Garden Online

Information on Ohio growing conditions, pests, diseases, and cultural problems, updated weekly between April and October.

 Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association

Includes link to Theodore Klein Plant Awards.

 Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association

Includes ONLA Plant Selections for recent years.

 Perennial Plant Association

Includes information on current and past Perennial Plant of the Year selections as well as general information on growing perennials.

 Fine Gardening

On-line version of an excellent gardening magazine with articles by top designers and horticulturists.

 Butterfly Nature

Lots of great information on butterfly gardening from a pair of local butterfly experts.

 Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

This organization is located in Clermont, Kentucky.  Their site includes information on Bernheim Select Urban Trees.


Horticultural images and information software.